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Ged Ratchford

NHS Autism Specialist Nurse

Community Learning Disability Team

Tameside & Glossop

New Century House

Progress Way

Windmill Lane


Greater Manchester

M34 2GP

Telephone 0161 304 5860

E.Mail gerard.ratchford@nhs.net

E.Mail gerard-support@tameside-autism.org.uk


Founded around 15 years ago from NHS Autism Nurses . Dan & Holly . With autistic people The very first meeting at Hyde Union Street Learning Centre talked about making a Logo . Publicity . Events and these were provided with member efforts . Though these practical measures were great there was a lack of . Final Diagnosis & Aftercare . Also the NHS autism Nurses at the time were only employed for 2 Days a week .

Though today . NHS Autism Nurses are employed 5 Days a week and recruitment for another NHS Autism Nurse is presently starting .Plus there is a dedicated telephone line and capability to send an Email with answers for support issues .Members have also brought along art and crafts to support other members and arranged for a Christmas Party with transport for members . A member has started technological support with a number of websites . Mobile Phone Website . A Radio Stream Website & supported other members with a connection to a Health Support Website and posted a portable DVD Player with the Tameside Autism Group member interview and promotional tracks on DVD .  


Autism & Aspergers diagnosis & aftercare is very much important for early years and late diagnosed . Tameside Autism Group provides a social club with a connection to NHS Autism Nurses . Recently new progress help has been provided and Member numbers have got better .

The photo on the right is from a Christmas Party Event during 2012 at the Joshua Bradley Pub venue . With members ( left to right ) Tom . Hayden . Gary . Dominic . Tim . Holly . Dan


With the much widespread availability of health support information, because of the Internet and relative much reduced cost of a broadband connection and refurbished computers .

Specific theme health guidance is provided with an Internet search via a fixed computer or mobile smart phone . Therefore being that LINK to help & also signposting where to get that help .

Years ago during the 1970’s or even 1960’s unless there was a TV or Radio Programme or Leaflet providing awareness education and support . It’d be the case that a vast number of population wouldn’t have a diagnosis . It’d also be a problem if this wasn’t picked up through awareness help at School or GP Dr’s or College & then for asking to be referred  

Most of the time later on in life it could be that the Adult has to self refer themselves to local NHS Autistic Nurses . After finding out from the Internet or Social Media Channel there was a select health condition that was an issue . Then for finding out more what the characteristics and health lifestyle range of conditions there were .

The Internet being as it is . A fast & very much vast resource . Could then give the autistic human being a great lot of help .

With . Heath Research Support . Social Contact to other Autistic People . A possibility for connecting with a Future Job Prospect . A method of Transferring Practical Help to other Autistic People  

Society & people less fortunate benefit & find that social care issues are enhanced, because of people being autistic, possibly in a much greater way if the human being has aspergers . This characteristic in real terms is a physical and mental fact that human being has almost an edge in a chosen field of hobby or pastime . That can then be transferred to a Job Prospect or Volunteer Task, what then occurs is that this chosen field of interest becomes advanced with quality & knowledge .

In other characteristics it’d also be that a great Idea or Invention could be thought out, thus in real terms helping in effect wider numbers of people . Then in the future for this idea and invention to be price reduced and then be mass produced .

Problem solving if disaster strikes or understanding of why some damaging consequence had occurred, becomes clearer to understand if the human being has characteristics of aspergers .

Autistic care issues are supported with behaviour training and greater awareness with how the health issues affect life .

Tablets & injections aren't used . The autistic human being has a choice with there own health and capability to conduct there own research to find at a greater depth the issues .

The autism support care measures don’t cause brain neuron damage over some time span    

Tameside Autism Group . NHS Autism Nurses & Autistic Members